Justice is not simply a result. It is also a process.

As a judge, Justice Hudson no longer advocates for the interests of individual clients. She does, however, strongly advocate for the interests of all Minnesotans in having fair, accessible courts that are faithful to the law and responsive to the public trust.

“I believe the Supreme Court must safeguard the integrity of the judicial process, for true justice is not simply a result; it is also a process. Even a correct result reached by a court may be tarnished if the integrity of the process that produced it is in question. One way to guard against this is by ensuring the fair, equitable, and respectful treatment of all parties coming before the courts, irrespective of their relative stations or affiliations. When parties have been treated equitably and respectfully, their perception of the judicial process is bolstered, such that the court’s result, whether adverse or favorable is accepted as fair. As judges we must never forget that behind each legal issue presented before the Court are real, human lives, which will be greatly impacted by our decisions.”

Justice Natalie Hudson with her husband,
Reverend Willie Hudson.

To this end, Justice Hudson has led by example throughout her career as a judge, and is well-known for her approachability, even temper, and compassion. This temperament, buttressed by a keen, searching intellect, a stalwart commitment to the rule of law, and unwavering integrity, has made Justice Hudson particularly well-suited to serve as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

“I am blessed to be doing a job that I truly love, serving the people of the state that I truly love, and for that, I am most grateful.”

At a time when public trust in governmental institutions has faltered, it is more important than ever that the Minnesota Supreme Court stand as a bastion of integrity, fairness, and independence. Maintaining these qualities requires the election and retention of qualified judges, such as Justice Hudson. Please join us in supporting her candidacy in the 2016 election.