Justice Hudson receives over 90% of the vote in MSBA poll

Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) Announces Results of Poll on Contested Supreme Court Judicial Race

July 25, 2016

A plebiscite of attorneys was held this month regarding three candidates for the contested supreme court judicial seat in the September primary. Two of these candidates will remain on the ballot for the November election.

The MSBA poll was conducted between July 11 and July 24, 2016. 3,396 MSBA members, many of whom practice in front of the appellate courts and are knowledgeable about the candidates, were included in the poll. 34.5% responded.

The purpose of the poll is to collect and make available to the general electorate information, in conjunction with voter guides, candidate questionnaires, news articles, etc., made available by other sources relative to contested judicial elections, which the general electorate may consider when deciding whom they wish to vote for in the primary election in August and the general election in November. The online poll was voluntary and conducted in a neutral, unbiased, and confidential manner. The result of the poll does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate by the MSBA.

Natalie Hudson (Supreme Court justice since October of 2015)
93.77% (1099 votes) of the 1172 total votes

Michelle L. MacDonald
3.16% (37 votes)

Craig Foss
3.07% (36 votes)